DSK Bank

A Bocci light installation enriches one of Sofia's iconic buildings. The facade and interior successfully blend neoclassicism and secession, distinctive styles for the 19th century.

Assembly and placement of individual bodies play a key role in creating a sense of art installation.

Bocci 73
Bocci 73

Model 73 adds a contemporary flair to the building`s eclectic interior.

NASA technology
NASA technology

Organic glass forms are created by pouring hot glass into high temperature suited textiles.

Sattler  Luce Verde
Sattler Luce Verde

The Luce Verde series brings a genuine natural emotion to your life – lush green range and moss, surrounded by a halo of light. The moss is self-sustainable and doesn`t require any special cares.

Historical building

Build by the Italian architect M. Pernigoni in 1896-1898, it has maintained its original function as a bank to this day. The building of DSK Bank has been declared a cultural monument since 1978.

Table lamps

The Bocci 73 table lamp complies with the familiar technology and glass processing with a base and a solid brass dimmer added to the glass body.